2021 : vous avez oublié ces événements, où en est-on ? (dernier épisode Actus du jour)

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00:00 Intro
02:04 Capitole
03:26 Birmanie
04:26 Israël-Palestine
05:47 Afghanistan
07:59 Crise migratorie
10:00 Sous-marins
12:02 Ethiopie


























Écriture : Blanche Vathonne – Manon de Cabarrus – Paul Bonnaud – Hugo Travers
Montage : Leo Henry

How to Ignore the Haters and the Naysayers

Whenever you get distracted by naysayers, it’s because you’ve lost focus. All you need to do is remember your goals. Remember who you are and what you want to achieve. Think about your goals and ask yourself if it’s worth putting your goals on hold because of what naysayers say. Don’t deny yourself the life you should live because of haters and naysayers.

Unexpected Acts of Love

What the world needs now more than ever – and has always needed more of – is love in its many forms. While acts of love given us from family and friends are always appreciated, there is another type of love shown us that has a deeper and longer lasting effect. Sometimes the spontaneous and kind actions of complete strangers have a more powerful effect on us than those that our loved ones show us.

The VFW-614 Regional Jet

This article reviews the history of the unsuccessful VFW-614 regional jet. It discusses its design, development, and the reasons it failed.

Get the Best Music for Your (Guest’s) Ears

Professional musicians don’t use Fruity Loops to create incredible music. Whether its rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical or country, a musician has trained for years in their craft. That skill adds to the overall atmosphere of a wedding or some other celebration.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for creating custom parts by injecting material into a mold. It can be achieved with a host of materials, including metals, glasses, elastomers, confections, as well as thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. First, the material for the part is put into a heated barrel, mixed, and then output into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the mold. Molds are made by a moldmaker from either steel or aluminum. Injection molding is commonly utilized for manufacturing a variety of parts, from the smallest components to entire body panels of cars. In the case of plastics being molded, pellets of raw material are put into a hopper into a heated barrel with a reciprocating screw. Once the raw material enters, the heat increases and the Van der Waals forces that resist relative flow of individual chains are weakened as a result of increased space between molecules at higher thermal energy states. This makes the plastic malleable and able to take on the shape of its mold.

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