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00:00 Sommaire
01:12 Macron au parlement européen
03:59 5000€ pour tous les jeunes ?
07:27 Manifestation interdite
08:21 Retrait de Montebourg
08:46 Fin des restrictions sanitaires
09:09 Situation en Ukraine
09:45 Disparition de Gaspard Ulliel
10:15 Débat du jour

























Écriture : Blanche Vathonne – Manon de Cabarrus – Paul Bonnaud – Hugo Travers
Montage : Stanley Duplan

May Your Word Not Only Bless Me But Lead Me Deeper – I So Need That In These Critical Times

This longest Psalm speaks of God’s all sufficient word. It is a masterpiece of design, as it reveals the beauty and blessings of God’s Word. It has an unmistakable theme – the Word of God – and features the dynamic supernatural power of the Word of God – the sufficiency of God’s Word – and how the Word enables us to grow, and handle life’s afflictions. The Psalms are Hebrew poetry – poetry deals with feelings, rather than information. In our Bible, and in our faith, we require both feelings and didactic content. The first verse sets the theme – and what follows develops this glorious theme – this goal which God sets before us. If people who on their first coming to faith in Jesus Christ were presented with these aims and goals, what a difference it could make. Perhaps fewer would fall by the wayside, and wander and disappear. Here we have in a different form of words what Jesus said – Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will follow.

The Antidote to Hopelessness and Helplessness – So Needed In These Challenging Times!

No human leader is going to sort out all our problems – nobody is going to resolve all the current financial difficulties, in our lifetime – keep looking to Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and trusting Almighty God completely and totally. Faith in God and His Word keeps us hopeful in difficult times. Hope is based on knowledge – sure knowledge – certain knowledge. Faith and hope go together. We have hope, because we know the difficulties will not last. No problem comes to stay – it will pass. Hope is more than optimism – and more than wishing, or wishful thinking. Hope can say that when a thing is bad, it is bad.

Trust God to Fulfil His Promises In All Situations – Quite A Challenge In These Present Days

Fears can paralyse us. Pills and counselling are not very helpful when it comes to fear. There is one fear which can deliver us from all other fears – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This fear involves a loving reverence and awe and admiration for our gracious God. We fear losing God’s smile upon us. This fear acts like a medicine getting to the roots and dealing with all other fears. Proverbs 9 verse 10 Protection, safety and refuge – there are many predators. God is never remote – He is tender and protective. So – we can trust in Him – we can trust God. Trust means we believe that Almighty God is holding our life, and that He is constantly working to ensure His purposes and promises are brought to pass – even through our mistakes, flaws and imperfections. Pestilence and disease – arrow depicting violence – no harm. Does that mean if bad things happen to us, we are not trusting God. No!

Almighty God Intervened, and Intervenes, Spectacularly – And Continues to Do So Today

After all the rather hard and harsh truths which Isaiah was given to proclaim during his lengthy prophetic ministry, God places these words in his heart. We are reading here of how God would intervene spectacularly. As we approach this season which many call ‘Advent’ – in a year which has been like no other – we so need the comforting grace of our gracious God and the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit – and where better to open our hearts than to the truth and truths of Scripture. Isaiah senses that the Spirit of the Lord God was upon him. Isaiah knew he was anointed by God – that can make a man speak out boldly and courageously – that can also make a man tremble. When you do speak out you tremble – and when you do not speak out you tremble. Without the Spirit of God we would not have any live living message to preach – and without the Spirit of God we cannot receive and embrace the word which is preached and proclaimed. The good news of God needs the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

In These Present Times How Worried Should We Be?

Jesus says to His disciples – « Do not worry ». Jesus is not teaching His disciples not to care – nor to do nothing – but He is teaching them not to worry. The birds have to go and find their food. Do not let your lives be dominated, ruined, or spoiled by worry – Jesus tells us why. Jesus is teaching disciples about anxiety. Some six times, in this short passage, Jesus refers to being anxious – or worried. Worry come from an old English word meaning to strangle or choke. Jesus is challenging disciples about our pride – our faithlessness – the ways in which we can be so easily distracted. This is not a nice psychological message. This is not some sweet and honey coated teaching. He is challenging our pride and faithlessness and independence. Jesus sets before us a path – and a way to live – so that we can be fruitful disciples.

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