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How to Have Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

How can we budget for reception food and music/entertainment? » This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked. That is because the reception is the most expensive part of your wedding. However, you can plan it within your budget and have a memorable event. You must be very particular when choosing your wedding reception site. It must be appropriate and fit in with your wedding reception plan. It does not have to be a traditional hall. How about having your wedding in a historical home, a park, a museum, fair grounds, public gardens, on the beach, etc. This article is meant to give you ideas,tips, suggestions and information. So, put on your thinking cap, Use your calculator and plan your wedding reception to fit your personalities, wishes and wedding budget. You also need to know if the venue supplies you with all your furniture and dining needs. If not, you must calculate rental fees. When choosing a wedding site, choose slow period and either a Friday evening, Sunday afternoon. When caterers are not busy, If you do, you’ll be able to negotiate with them for the best deals.

What Does It Mean to « Create Your Own Reality »?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the statement, « You create your own reality »? Some people feel empowered when they hear this statement. Others think it is ridiculous BS. Those who feel empowered by it sometimes lose their empathy and compassion. They may go around challenging people: « Why do you think you manifested this cancer you have? » making people who buy into that idea feel horrible about themselves. But there is a sane middle ground here. Let’s take a deeper look.

George Floyd Victim of American Police Culture

George Floyd died in police custody in circumstances which to the naked eye placed the blame squarely on the officer who held him down. Floyd said several times, « I can’t breathe. » Within ten minutes Floyd was dead. The officer may have been solely responsible for his death but is it murder? I don’t think so! No law enforcement officer goes to work with the intention of taking someone’s life and in this case there is not even the slightest hint of premeditation or intent about Floyd’s death. It falls more into a case of misadventure.

The Middleman

Have you ever thought about the role that God wants you to play in the lives of others? God works through people and the sooner we realize that the more the Kingdom will grow.

Heart of a Teacher

How many of you have always secretly dreamed of being a teacher but ended up in other jobs as life went on? You had to raise a family and pay the bills but the kids are grown and you may be free to pursue things you would have like to try. Even if you are not up to going back to school and incurring more student loans, there may be ways you can get a taste of the classroom and still make a difference.

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