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Écriture : Blanche Vathonne – Benjamin Aleberteau – Agathe Boussard – Léah Boukobza – Hugo Travers
Montage : Camille Paulet

Are You in a Tailspin With Choosing Chicken Breeds?

When it comes to chickens… Are you in a tailspin with choosing chicken breeds that are best for your backyard chicken coop? I know you want to get it right. After all… You don’t want to go buying some chicken breed that does not fit with your ideal backyard chicken coop, do you? Let’s find out how you can stop that tail spin.

For Hip Pain Relief Do This

When people have hip pain, they generally look, specifically, to the hip area to gain relief. They may have an injection into the hip joint or receive physical therapy for the hip, which may or may not work. However, recent evidence shows there is a correlation between imbalances in the pelvis and poor trunk and core muscle stability and flexibility and injury and pain of the hips. This article will discuss common causes of hip pain and a safe, gentle approach for his pain relief.

Love, Sex and Numerology: Numbers 1 Through 9 Part I

You’ve probably seen day of birth numerology, and if you’re skeptical, we understand. Our findings show us that instead of cherry-picking single factors such as the day of birth, pattern recognition involving multiple factors is the most reliable way to interpret personal fate, personality, and compatibility.

How To Manage Conflict At Home

A worrisome state is limiting. It prevents you from reaching your truest potential through lack of focus on what you can control. Conflict at home can be managed through focusing on the moment. Consciousness with each breath will help to remind you that you have the blessings in your life. Focusing on the moment will help you to have a sense of gratitude in your relationships and become more motivated to celebrate your life everyday, instead lurching from one conflict to another!

Wrestling With God

I am a fan of wrestling, Before I used to find such combat sports very violent and irritating, but I later found out that there are certain qualities these wrestlers exhibit that we Christians and everybody that wants to be successful need. And they are; Staying focused and alert, self-confidence, hopeful, courageous, persistence, resistance and tactical. Like John Cena will always say, « Never Give Up! » And the current Universal Champion and my favourite, the Big Dog Roman Reigns tells you to, « Believe That! » And he proves it in the ring afterwards. His is one of the most courageous human beings that I know. These men and women truly hardly give up in a fight. Even with deep pains and blood sometimes, they still fight on. They always believe it will not be over until it is over. But I still find boxing and kick-boxing too rough. I hardly look at them at all. But we are not going to discuss wrestling or combat sports here. No. We want to talk about wrestling, struggling with God and it simply means: faithfully and tenaciously holding onto God’s promises and his words until you see them

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