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Écriture : Blanche Vathonne – Benjamin Aleberteau – Léah Boukobza – Hugo Travers
Montage : Camille Paulet

How To Maximize Your Personal Growth?: A 6 – Step Approach

We often, hear, discussions, about the importance, of personal growth, and, proactively, taking steps, to maximize/ enhance our attempts! After, over four decades, of involvement, in consulting, and, overseeing, personal development/ self – help/ personal growth, seminars, I have come to believe, most people, will only, move – forward, with their lives, when, they proactively, have a plan, for achieving the best results. There are many components, towards, doing so, and, with that in mind, I have created, a 6 – step, approach/ plan, towards achieving quality objectives.

Idealism Is Great, But Successful Leaders Are Pragmatic Idealists!: 5 Specifics

It’s good, to be idealistic, but, generally, the reality is, it rarely, creates a quality impact/ results, unless/ until, it is combined, effectively, with a considerable degree of pragmatism! This combination, which I often, refer to, as, pragmatic idealism, considers, no matter, how great an idea, and/ or need, it rarely, serves, any real – purpose, unless/ until, one considers, what can be done, and approved, by a group of elected officials, who, often, come from differing, poltical parties, and perspectives, and possess, different concepts, of what, should be done, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to,…

2020: An Historical Year Which We Must Learn From!: 4 Examples!

Whether, one considers it, good, or bad, there can be little doubt, 2020, will go – down, in the history books, as an historical year! Many believe, the nation, is, presently, at a crossroads, where, how, when, and why, we proceed, forward, may have long – lasting, relevant and sustainable impacts! The year’s news, was, undoubtedly, dominated by, the horrific pandemic, which has taken over 560, 000 American lives, and millions, worldwide!

5 Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Automatic Screw Dispenser for Your Assembly Line

Just like you can’t live without food and your car can’t run without fuel, an assembly line can’t run without screws. Therefore, if you want to design your production process, make sure you look for the best screw supply solution. Before you choose an automatic screw dispenser, we suggest that you consider a few important factors.

Relationships: Do Relationships Allow Someone To Come Into Contact With Their Unconscious Mind?

Human beings have both a conscious and an unconscious mind; however, the latter is largely overlooked. Not only does mainstream society ignore this mind but a lot of people in the helping professions, those who are doing what they can to help peoples « mental health », also do the same thing.

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