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Maintaining Your Inner Peace In The Midst Of Outer Dissonance

Finding inner peace in the presence of outer dissonance is a powerful practice to help us remain calm, regardless of the tumult in our outer world. It strengthens our inner ability to navigate life without clinging to or resisting the changing scenery and to walk straight ahead, no matter what shows up! Here is how to develop this superpower of peace.

How Do You Market Your Blog?

Even if you haven’t been doing these things until now, you can always improve your blog. You can add content upgrades, add internal linking, add links to authorities that you quote, and more. Improvements are always available for you to work on.

Are High Carb Diets Really Bad?

Based on today’s collection of popular diets, one would be forgiven for thinking that High Carb diets were bad. Some of the more popular diets out there such as the Keto diet looks to minimize carbohydrates as much as possible. Other diets such as the Paleo diet allows fruits and vegetables but eliminates all grain products.

Why Everyday Personal Common Sense Is So RARE?

One might, think, since we hear, references, on an ongoing basis, to using, common sense, we would witness, far – more, evidence, and use, of it! In fact, it often seems, common sense, is, anything, but, and, unfortunately, an extremely, RARE behavior, etc! After, over, four decades, of, attempting to help people, in this direction, both, by consulting, and conducting many hundreds of, personal development seminars/ programs, I have witnessed, this, many times.

5 Key Areas Where We Must Vote Our Hopes, Instead Of Our Fears!

Wouldn’t it, be nice, if our elected officials, appealed to us, in an aspirational manner, rather than, to our fears, biases, prejudices, and perceived, self – interests? Although, to a degree, this may be, as it always, was, it seems, in recent times, it has become, even, more predominant! Shouldn’t we seek, to be served and represented, by individuals, who prioritize, bringing us, together, for the greater good, and seeks to emphasize, a meeting – of – the – minds, rather than individuals, making empty promises, and using divisive, polarizing rhetoric, and appears, to avoid personal responsibility, by reverting -…

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