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Écriture : Blanche Vathonne – Benjamin Aleberteau – Léah Boukobza – Hugo Travers
Montage : Camille Paulet

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Emotionally Shut Down Around Women If He Had An Abusive Mother?

Although a man may be in tune with his feelings when he is by himself and even around a man, this may seldom be the case when he is around a woman. What will be normal, then, is for him to be out of touch with his body when he is in their presence.

5 – Point Checklist, For Determining, What You Seek, And Why?

If you don’t know, what you want, seek, and, makes you feel, as well, as possible, how can you, become the best – you – can – be, and, especially, the happiest, and most – fulfilled? Instead, of, trying, to fool yourself, and make you, believe, your approach, makes sense, for you, it is, generally, wiser, to proceed, wisely, and, in an organized, systematic way, to consider, the best path, forward, for you, personally, to address your individual needs, goals, hopes, priorities, and what, you seek, out – of – life! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to,…

5 Necessities For Leaders To Get Others To Follow!

Although, one will only become an effective, meaningful leader, if/ when, others are ready, willing, and able, to follow him, few individuals, holding positions of leadership, rarely, providing any prevailing reasons, for achieving this! Only, when one’s stakeholders (past, present/ current, and potential ones), believe, strongly – enough, in their leaders, are they, willing to become, more committed, involved, and, hopefully, some of them, might, go – on, to trying to be a leader, themselves! After, over four decades, of involvement, in, nearly, everything, related to effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of…

6 Things Which Should Never Be Partisan, But Are!

Although, partisan politics, for – better or worse, are a component of the American political system/ process, there are times, and circumstances, when, partisanship, is, little – more – than, playing with citizens lives, when essential priorities, must be, proactively, addressed, for the common good! While, there must be a space for, and the right to, openly, express one’s opinion, and/ or, disagreement, etc, that is far – different – from, obstructing necessary progress, and adopting well – considered policies, when appropriate! There are many instances, when common sense, might, indicate, should never be partisan, but, unfortunately, are!

Why You Need To Be Flexible, To Survive And Thrive

How would you describe your life right now? Are you surviving from day-to-day or thriving? I don’t intend to underscore your troubles but help you gain an insight into your current conditions. It takes courage to take an introspective look into ourselves, particularly when we don’t like what we see.

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